Welcome to La Vida Vanilla!

La Vida Vanilla, as a Boutique Creator of Craft Extracts, specializes in vanilla extracts hand crafted in small batches with ethically sourced vanilla beans from around the world using premium alcohols for a vanilla experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Why La Vida Vanilla is Unique

We hand craft our extracts in small batches
Our vanillas are aged for two months
We only use premium alcohols, never water
Our extracts are manually shaken daily

Our Vanilla Extracts are hand crafted from premium vodka, bourbon and a variety of rums – never water, and we don’t add sugar or any other additives or preservatives. Other vanilla extracts use just any liquor, but we think you can’t make great tasting vanilla extract, and great tasting recipes, if you don’t use quality ingredients!

Our Premium Vanilla Extracts feature Double Fold Vanilla Extracts and Top Shelf Liquors that are sure to be a vanilla lover’s delight!

For a deliciously fun vanilla twist, be sure to try our exclusive extract: Dirty Vanilla Extract Raw and Unfiltered. It’s full of delicious vanilla seeds and pulp! Be sure to shake well before using!

Don’t miss our Specialty Extracts including Cinnamon Vanilla Extract, Lavender Vanilla Extract, Organic Chocolate Extract and Organic Coconut Vanilla Extract. All of our Specialty Extracts are also hand crafted with premium vodka.

We also hand craft seasonal Specialty Extracts like Clementine Extract for a juicy citrus burst, and minty fresh Spearmint Extract!

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La Vida Vanilla: The Longer It Ages, the Better It Tastes!