La Vida Vanilla started off as a gift idea for family and friends…

Quality vanilla beans from around the world were combined with premium vodka into a smooth and pure vanilla extract hand crafted with love!

They enjoyed it so much,
La Vida Vanilla was born!

La Vida Vanilla, as a Boutique Creator of Craft Extracts, specializes in vanilla extracts that are hand crafted in small batches with ethically sourced Grade A vanilla beans from around the world for a vanilla experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Why is La Vida Vanilla Unique?

We use Grade A vanilla Beans and premium liquors, never water and we don't add sugar or preservatives

We hand craft our extracts in small batches

Our vanillas are aged up to 3 months or longer.

Our extracts are manually shaken daily

Why are La Vida Vanilla Extracts unique and distinct from all other vanilla extracts that are homemade or store bought?

Because we use some of the finest Grade A vanilla beans from around the world, and an extraction base of premium liquors, never water, and we don’t add sugar or any other additives or preservatives.. In addition, we hand agitate all extractions daily.

Most importantly, to create a richer, thicker vanilla extract, we allow our vanilla extracts to age much longer than most – up to 3 months or longer. This is a proprietary process that we are proud of, and that makes our final products one of the most unique in the vanilla extracts world!

Other vanilla extracts use Grade B vanilla beans and just any liquor. They also age for 2 months or less – some for only a couple weeks! We think you can’t make great tasting vanilla extract, and great tasting recipes, if you don’t use quality ingredients and allow time to extract all that vanilla goodness!

Good Vanilla is Hard to Find! Graphic
La Vida Vanilla is more than just an Extract, It's an Experience!

Proudly made in the USA!

Thanks for stopping by and supporting our small business!

Carlos, La Vida Vanilla , Chief Extractor